Single Product 1 - Shepelfurniture








H750 mm, W1050 mm, D1090 mm

H30 in, W42 in, D43 in

Brief product specification

– Standard Finish(es): Obsidian with Bronzino

– Wirebrushed quartered oak veneer with brass accents

– Brass feet

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Making history from the every moment of life.

Someone pressed the pause button and the object became a cast of frozen vitality, of pulsation. Nature is a talented sculptor who works with any material, her dextrous touch transforming it into art.

We want to become closer to the magic of this transformation, seeing the stone as a sacred archetype. The stone garden is calm, contemplation and serenity. The wise Buddha meditates upon the stone. The male penguin brings the stone to his chosen one in the hope that she will become his companion couple for the rest of their lives.

Walking along the coast, we collect stones to take home with us as a memory of happy and bad days…

Vivid Collection – is a story of stones, collected from the coast of the English Channel. Vivid Collection items are made in streamlined shapes, polished through three forces: water, wind, and time. Placing them in an interior setting means you create your own unique landscape and begin a transcendental journey. We invite you on that journey.