About Us

SHEPEL' is a Ukrainian based leading manufacturer of handmade furniture for luxury residential properties, founded by a family of interior designers: Alexandr and Helen Shepel who are passionate about creating beautiful, ecologically safety, and quality furniture.

All of our furniture formed exclusively with natural materials that absolutely safe for our customers.

The family values, classic traditions of craft, and meticulous attention to detail is the basis of the company's philosophy.

As devotees to true old-school craftsmanship, we can proudly call ourselves "believers in the art of furniture-making".

Our approach allows us to customize any product. We can satisfy the most demanding wishes and we work with each client individually to create an exclusive model.

Our expert team of designers and craftsmen provide you a personable approach, thoughtfully tailoring each and every design to reflect your personal lifestyle.

There’s no need to settle for anything less than perfect.